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I didn't know a great deal about this one: Angelia Jolie as some kind of secret agent? Sold.

(Mind you, I thought the same thing about Wanted, and Lord, was that not good. But anyway.)

I was also aware that this was a Tom Cruise vehicle, with Jolie stepping into the role when the Toothy One became unavailable. Sounds promising.

And, y'know, it's not bad. It's difficult to say too much about the plot without giving away spoilers, and it's the kind of thing that works much better as a movie than as a novel, because there's no visibility into Jolie's inner monologue; nor could there be, without spoiling some of the story.

Large chunks of it appear to be complete bobbins as you go along, but I think it sort of hangs together in retrospect - except that, while it avoids one of the problems that Snipe actioner Murder at 1600 ran into, in doing so, it raises another problem that none of the other protagonists appear to pick up on. (How's that for obscure references?)

There are good fight sequences, some inventive "found weapon" scenarios, and at the first sign of trouble, Jolie kicks off her high heels and goes barefoot. Nicely done.

I got to the end thinking, "well, that'll be the sequel setup, then," with a side-order of "but the sequel will be to this as Aliens was to Alien," while siggav  rather cleverly pointed out that this feels like a pilot for a TV series.

Still, fun.
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