sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

That could have gone better

Yesterday, I decided that today I'd have another crack at Eggs Benedict. Poaching eggs, I can manage, but the previous attempt at hollandaise was way too vinegary. Having discovered in the cupboard a food processor that might allow me to continuously add to the mixture while mixing, I thought, well, what the hell?

I was following Delia's hollandaise recipe. Add the vinegar and lemon juice in a steady stream, she said. Well, the two table-spoons seemed to disappear all at once. Oops. I managed to burn the muffins. And I managed to drop one of the poached eggs on the floor. Sigh. The hollandaise seemed to be way too thin when I poured some onto the surviving egg. Deciding to produce a plain omlette in a hurry, I screwed up, and realised I was just frying an egg instead. Bah. And by that time, the remaining hollandaise had split.

In short, nothing went right,
Tags: food
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