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The Tourist

Another one of the films I saw on the flight over to Vegas.

The Premise: Angelina Jolie is under surveillance in Paris when she receives word from her lover - the watchers' real target - that she should board a train to Italy, pick some random guy about his height, and pretend it's him; her boyfriend, wanted by Interpol, has just had massive facial reconstruction, so no-one knows what he looks like anymore.

She picks mild-mannered maths teacher Johnny Depp, flirts on the train for a while, then drags him into a swanky hotel in Venice. Interpol are mostly convinced, but Paul Bettany's Inspector is suspicious, while Steven Berkoff's villain, to whom the real boyfriend owes lots of money, is sold straightaway. Meanwhile, mysterious stranger Rufus Sewell is following Jolie and occasionally passing messages to her.

Thus we have a slightly confused mix of romance and action while both cops and robbers attempt to corner Jolie and/or Depp, and there are a number of thrilling escapes.

Jolie does well here, I feel, playing the same, calm, capable, enigmatic role she did in Salt. Depp veers a little too close to Cap'n Jack at times, being a bit too confident himself. Their chemistry is okay, but doesn't kick properly into gear the way it should with these two actors.

Given that this film is sort of the flip-side of supposed rom-com auctioneer Knight and Day, it's interesting to compare the two. This is definitely better, a more assured and more intelligent production. The script plays its cards very close to the chest, not giving views into the internal monologues of the two leads, which is also important.

Quite enjoyed it. Don't really feel the need to see it again.
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