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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II

You know, I can't really remember too much about Part I. I mean, I remember tents, and Dobby, and Helena Bonham-Carter really going for it, and so on. But lots of it has already faded.

Onto Part II, which is very definitely a Harry film; very few other people get any lines at all. Hermione and Ron are seriously short-changed. Thesps go by at break-neck speed, with only Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman getting a chance to catch their breath. Lots of plot excised - for example, what happened to all the bits about Dumbledor's previous pure-blood tendencies? Or was that all in Part I? See - it's all already gone.

And humour! Where's the humour? I'm sure there must have been some in the book, surely?

Instead, we mostly just get a relentless sequence of action set-pieces, punctuated by visions of Voldemort getting grumpy.

There are, I trust, going to be plenty of deleted scenes in the special editions of the DVDs that'll come out in about three years' time, when it's time to milk that cash cow a little more.

But as to the cinema release itself…. well, it was all right, really.

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