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It's been one of those days

Ironically, work hasn't been too bad. It was the annoying bits on either side. Such as buses.

The car went in for a service yesterday. It came to (lots), but that's okay; I'm dealing with that. What was annoying is that, being British, when they ask, "do you need any help with transportation?" I of course say, "no". Can't go putting other people to bother. Consequently I have to make it to the other side of town via bus.

Usually, I drop the car off, walk the fifteen minutes to the bus stop, get a bus all across the city centre, and get to work about 45 minutes later. Repeat, on the return journey in the evening. Where it got interesting was where I had a fencing class last night, so thought, "what the hell, I'll just collect the car tomorrow morning instead."

Which means getting to the garage from home, rather than from work. Turns out that there aren't any buses that go remotely along that particular route. I got one that got me, say, a third of the way there. There was another that should have taken me the rest of the way, but it appeared to have three different routes, and I couldn't work out which was which. Either way, two attempts to catch said bus took me about 100 yards. So I walked a long way in the sun this morning.

Having got the car, I had to get to work. Seems they're re-laying out (redoing the layout) of a particular junction, which meant that unless you wanted to go exactly one particular way (I didn't), all the routes were either taxi/bus only, blocked off, or just funnelled you back onto the same road, heading in the opposite direction. Took me fifteen minutes to work out how to get off the damn road.

And then, after work, I got home, to find the post waiting.

Those of you who watched Buffy (which is all of you, be honest) will remember Adam Busch, who played Warren. He has a band, called Common Rotation (actually a two-piece with Eric Kaufs). Shockingly, it turns out to be rather good. After listening to some of their downloadable stuff a lot, I decided to get the CD.

It arrived today. From the US.

It didn't fit through the letter-box. At least, not until it was folded in half.

Still, I had to take the fencing class tonight, and that went well, so not everything was bad.
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