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The X Factor

Trying desperately to drag today back to some semblance of a sane reality, I thought I'd whinge for a bit. Just for a change.

Kat and I are somewhat addicted to The X Factor, Pop Idol, etc. Primarily because Cowell does such a good job of it. But I have to admit to being wound up this time around, because of Rowetta.

You may not have seen the programme, so I'll explain: Rowetta is in the "older" category (i.e. neither a teenager nor a group), and has a marvellous singing voice. Based on what I've seen on the programme, she's also emotionally less stable than a vertical column of eggs in a wind-tunnel during an earthquake. The woman breaks down into tears, babbling and begging at the slightest hint of comment - negative or positive.

Cowell's said she's unmanageable, which is true. The kind of scrutiny the competitors are likely to get on these programmes is probably going to destroy her. The chances of her being emotionally strong enough to survive any kind of actual recording career are remote, at best.

But she's "good TV", so that's why she's in the running. Cowell's assuming that having such a raw personality on screen will make the viewers tune in, which is awful.

I really hope she's evicted soon, for her own sake. It's nothing to do with her ability to sing, and everything to do with her ability to deal with the world around her. The longer she stays in, the worse it'll be when she comes crashing down.

The rest of the programme's enjoyable. But those bits make me feel unclean.

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