sugoll (sugoll) wrote,


Weird dream last night.

Casey Ryback, protagonist of top-notch actioner Under Siege and its passable sequel Under Siege 2 and now retired, visits his daughter Sarah who is now living in New York. Her boyfriend works in "construction", at a minor level, and Ryback is not pleased. He's in the diner where they've just met, wondering what to do, when the owner/chef is suddenly unable to cook, so Casey steps in. Glorious food is produced - he used to cook for the Captain's Table of the USS Missouri, after all - and Casey gets a job in the diner. Which, it turns out, just happens to be frequented by various mafia hoods. Word gets around, and it becomes the new hot place for all the Family to eat.

This gives plenty of scope for Ryback to hear all sorts of gossip about the Fam and sort them out, while his daughter remains blissfully ignorant.

I just can't tell whether it should be a Chuck-style comedy or an Alias-style thriller.
Tags: movies, tv
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