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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Do you realised it's five years since the last Mission: Impossible film? Good grief.

Anyway, Cruise is back, along with, well, with Simon Pegg, actually. Ving Rhames isn't part of the team, this time around. Maybe all the budget went on the Dubai shoot.

We open in a Russian prison, with Cruise's new team-to-be breaking him out, in order to give him a new mission of breaking into the Kremlin. However, that operation is compromised and the IMF team are Framed for blowing up a large chunk of the iconic Russian structure. Naturally, they have to Go On The Run, so that they can Clear Their Name, etc. Luckily, they have a Weapons Cache, etc. You know the drill.

Oh, and stop a nutter who wants to start a nuclear war.

Pegg's Benji is now a field operative, waving the odd gun around while still being quite geeky. New team member Jane (Paula Patton) has a Score To Settle, while Jeremy Renner, a photoshop morph of Daniel Craig and Marc Blucas, is an analyst With A Secret To Hide.

It's all very, very silly, of course, and shot through with plot holes (you're doing what, now? Why?) and logical inconsistencies ("This hotel has military-grade firewalls!" Why? It's a fucking hotel, for god's sake). But the silliness is part of the fun. As was explained by the Villain in MI-II, Ethan Hunt does mad, acrobatic insanity when much simpler options are available, so dramatic stunts are par for the course. Cue much Dangling off the side of the Burj Khalifa tower which, it has to be said, is ridiculously tall. But good fun overall, and quite tense at times.

I was particularly amused that Amil Kapoor's character is described as a billionaire playboy with lots of secret tech. That's Bruce Wayne!

We saw it at the local IMAX, which was a first for me. Um, I didn't notice anything different, I have to admit, unless you count the eye-strain. Hmm.

This is Brad Bird's first live-action film, so I don't know whether to blame him or the writers for the awful, mawkish scenes at the end, but at least Patton's character wasn't there just to be the romantic target for any of the male leads. Phew.

Still, good fun. Not as slavishly in love with The Matrix as Woo's MI-II was, and not as just plain nasty as Abrams's MI-III, and some good fight sequences now and then.
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