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Olympus 2012

I had a great time at Olympus 2012, which appears to have been an amazingly successful Eastercon - my hearty congratulations to all involved. Olympus wasn't perfect (no con ever is), but  it was pretty damn fantastic. From what I saw, the good far outweighed the bad.

My con consisted of a number of different aspects, so I'll break this down that way, instead of giving a blow-by-blow account.

By far the biggest thing was the gender-parity discussion. This isn't a solved problem, by any means, but Olympus was a great step forward, both in terms of the programme presented, and the amount of positive engagement with and discussion of the topic. Bit by bit, we move forward.

The programme was excellent, btw. Liz Batty's been getting lots of well-deserved credit as Programme Deputy and lit-stream organiser, but there were other people working on other streams, and steverogerson was overall programme chair - kudos to the lot of them. In terms of the topics and content of the programme, I don't think I heard a single negative comment.

The guests were good, apparently. With the exceptions of the ceremonies and a signing at which I was gophering, I didn't get to any of the GoH events, but I'm okay with that. I did go to a number of other panels and items, which (as ever) were variable in quality. Shout-outs to the gender-parity panel and the Minorities-in-fandom panel, though. I couldn't stay for all of the former, but it seemed to be doing a great job from what I saw, and the latter was brilliant.

I was moderating a bunch of panels myself (the usual side-effect of suggesting anything to the esteemed Mr Rogerson). Did they go well? I don't know. I think they did, but I've found out post-con that I've screwed up panel moderation, for Eastercons in the past, so I don't know. I'm hopeful. Some were more work than others.

I spent a lot of time talking to people about progdb. I have lots of feedback to work into version 2.0, which is great. Just need to find the time to work on it. (If you talked to me about it, I'm aware that I still need to get back in touch - I haven't forgotten.)

The guidebook app was a big thing this year, too. Very, very successful, I think. That's going to change future cons considerably.

There was a chunk of gophering, so I have returned with a rather snazzy Nightwatch-inspired volunteer hoodie. It is disturbing how much this makes me go to my happy-place. Plus, I managed to do badge-checking, bug-fixing, and even some development.

I hung out with a bunch of Milford peeps, too: a quick committee meeting, a panel, and a couple of general hangings-out. Yes, I hope to get some writing done one day, honest. Just once I've got progdb 2.0 off the ground...

I also hung out with a variety of friends from other Eastercons and Redemption - too many to name, in case I forget someone. 'twas good to see you all!

I wasn't as bothered by the hotel's catering staff as others were. I found them friendly but inept; we suspect large numbers were dumped in for the weekend, without training in processes or equipment, but they kept a pleasant demeanor despite this. Plus, when a blown light bulb tripped the circuit breaker in our room, taking out all the power, the hotel staff had the lights back on again within three minutes (that's three minutes) of me reporting the problem.

I found the food itself somewhat variable, though - particularly the snack food at lunchtime, which was decidedly meh. Great late-night food, though.

The hotel's wireless was so infuriating that I gave up on it for the iPhone, and just used 3G instead. It was okay on the laptop, though.

The bid session - which, alas, was in far too small a room - revealed that the next Eastercons are Bradford and Glasgow respectively. They've got a lot to live up to! gaspodia and her committee should be very proud of what they achieved.

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