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Yesterday we decided it was time to try out the exercise balls that katlinel bought for us. Opened up the box. Looked at the nasty little plastic footpump and the bizarre, chewing-gum coloured Thing that would become the ball. And at the miscellaneous bits of plastic that were probably some kind of seal device. Looked for instructions on inflation. None.

Perhaps they're on the video. Nope. Seems that there wasn't space, what with the really cheesy music and the "done on a BBC Micro" "graphics" used for the titles. Two minutes in, and we're ready to kill something. Well, at least it gets the blood flowing.

So, try inflating with the nasty footpump. A few minutes later, I remember that we've got a battery-powered pump, for the air-beds. That makes life much simpler, although it doesn't appear to have the juice to reach the required pressure; finish off with the proper footpump that we also have, for said air-beds.

Repeat, with k's ball, which is a much nicer colour, I have to say. Far less likely to induce vomiting.

Later on, while watching Carnivale, we sat on 'em and bounced, a little. Ten minutes in, my back started to ache, so I returned to the sofa.

Was okay, when I went to bed, though.

Woke up this morning, with a limp. Sore tendon/muscle/thing somewhere at the top inside of my right thigh. Took me all morning to work out that this was probably caused by the foot-pumping. Sigh. It's disconcerting that it can take almost twenty-four hours for the damage to make itself felt.
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