sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

The Bourne Legacy

Again, not a fringe show, but since I was out and about anyway, and I wanted to see this, I thought I may as well take the opportunity.

Things got off to a comically bad start, with siggav running late, and then going to the wrong cinema, but one dramatic taxi-in-traffic montage later, we were in the auditorium in time for the trailers to start.

The film itself?

Oh dear.

I felt it was a rushed attempt to follow up on the Matt Damon films without thinking things through. Damon had a moped chase, so this has a motorbike chase, as if that's more exciting, but it's shot so that you can't follow the action in any way. The Damon films excelled in showing Bourne thinking ahead and solving problems without requiring dialogue or exposition; this didn't have any of that problem-solving to explain. Bourne, as a character, has a very distinctive look - affluent, groomed, elegant, while avoiding the suit riffs from Bond. Remner's character has none of that; it doesn't look like they've thought about the look at all.

And as for the ending..? Jesus. It just plain stops - while I'm still waiting for the film to properly get going. I don't mean there's an ambiguous ending. I mean, it just stops. siggav noted that it's like they ran out of paper, so there's no more script.

Thoroughly unimpressed.

Tags: fringe, movies
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