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So, my expectation for this week's episode of Homeland:

Saul will get kidnapped, or injured to a sufficient degree that he is unable to communicate for the next few episodes, and the video record will be stolen/destroyed, leaving Carrie as the only person who can attest to its existence/content. Shockingly, no-one will believe her.

Which will be a pity, because it'll feel massively forced. On the other hand, what should happen is that:

The video makes it to Langley, and a decent intelligence operation gets put into place to establish the current situation and to turn a newly-identified asset, while stepping around the VP, and trying to stop the whole thing being blown open by an emotionally unstable person who can't tell that something's happening because she doesn't have the clearance to be told about it.

Which falls naturally out of the situation they've established.
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