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I've just finished watching the fifth season of Nikita. Well, no, actually, it was the second season, but so much has happened that it feels like several seasons must have gone by.

I've enjoyed this season more than the first one, for a number of reasons:
  • It no longer continually has Alex almost being discovered, while being the only person in the computer room.
  • Percy, given free reign, is a delight to watch.
  • It's been good to watch the development of Michael and Nikita.
  • Berkoff's also been more interesting, this season.

There are also annoyances:
  • The US government knows where Division is, right? Why isn't it wiped out much sooner?
  • Michael rarely shows any kind of conflict when taking out Division troops, despite the fact that, theoretically, he'd have spent years training all of them.
  • Berkoff managed to employ drones early on; that capability appears to have been forgotten.
  • Amanda was reduced to a Disney evil queen, compared to the master manipulator she'd been previously.
  • What happened to all the recruits in training? Now that Alex isn't one of them, that whole set's been repurposed, so where did they go?

Maggie Q's done a fantastic job, and having a star that can really fight (and act) makes a heck of a difference to the action sequences. Though I have to say that I'm also impressed with Alex's sequences.

Xander Berkeley has been amazing as Percy. I love the understated performance, the contempt he shows when people just can't keep up with the machinations, and the world-weary resignation when one of his plots is foiled. But most of all, I love how, in this series, he's so blatantly amoral while simultaneously asking all the right questions to get to the core of the good guys' motivations.

(I've heard very little about The Booth At The End, but it sounds fantastic - just Berkeley, sitting in front of a camera, doing what he does best.)

There's been so many changes in this season that it's felt like multiple season set-ups: who's in charge in Division, is Alex in or out, the effects of Oversight, Nikita's home base, whether recurring characters like Cassandra and Ryan are in or out, Sean's relationship to the team, Alex's relationship with the people from her past, and the effects of the Russian crime syndicate.

Great stuff.
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