sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

The Amazing Spider-Man

Well, it's just asking for it, with a title like that, isn't it?

I was underwhelmed, to be honest. Full disclosure: I didn't really go into this with open arms. Metaphorically speaking, I was leaning back, arms folded, feet up, glaring at the screen and daring it to be any good, so perhaps it's not too surprising that it fell short of the hype, if not my expectations.

I dunno. I just wasn't grabbed by Garfield as Peter Parker, nor Stone as Gwen Stacey, and there seemed to be way too much going on in the school that would give the game away.

Martin Sheen was awesome as Uncle Ben, but then, c'mon, Martin Sheen. Obviously, he'll be amazing. But Spider-Man wasn't. It was just...meh. It was either by the numbers, or trying to hit the origin story beats while dodging around the earlier trilogy's dialogue, or diverting somewhat (which may be entirely canonical; I'm unfamiliar with the Ultimate reboots, and just about everything imaginable is canonical somewhere in the DC/Marvel multiverses).

How to tell your movie is in trouble: the best bit, the most imaginative bit of writing, is the Stan Lee cameo.

Tobey and Raimi still reign, in this particular franchise.
Tags: comics, movies, sf
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