sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Star Trek Into Darkness

Well, that was fun in a total-bobbins things-go-boom sort of way.

Good performances from the cast (I particularly liked some of Pine's Shatner mannerisms), though I felt that Urban's McCoy was under-used here - no doubt because there was more space given to the Bones/Kirk dynamic in the first film, and here the space goes to the Scotty/Kirk dynamic. Although both still play second-fiddle to the Spock/Kirk arc. Saldana's Uhuru was desperately under-used, as were Cho's Sulu and Yelchin's Chekov. All three did the best they did, with the few lines they had. Cumberbatch was awesome, as was Quinto.

The story-line doesn't hold together, on reflection, and I found myself wondering why Our Heroes were running about the ship in an urgent hurry, instead of just transporting to the location of the current emergency, or, y'know, getting one of the many other crew members to do something instead.

Still, fun.
Tags: movies, sf
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