sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Worldcon (Saturday)

I was on the reg desk for the opening session, and katlinel was off for the belly-dancing, but after that, it was the "Tie-In Books" panel, which was great. karentraviss, jmswallow, Keith DeCandido Elizabeth Hand and others being very entertaining at the same time as being down-to-earth, practical and wise. Keith also reminded me somewhat of a certain lonemagpie, which was kind of weird...

The "Disseminating filk" panel was interesting, since there are filk archives now, plus mutterings about the digital age, etc. But of course, this is all about one's original filk, which first involves being able to write songs...

Food, then I'm not sure: perhaps this was when I was listening to Dan Abnett on comics. Maybe.

But anyway, I followed it with a filk concert, listening in: Kathleen Sloan, Lawrence Dean and Rita the Bardling. I thought Kathleen was great. She looked a little like Anne Robinson's daughter(!), but good performances and entertaining songs. Less grabbed with either of the others, but that was choice of material, I think: somewhat downbeat (or dreary, even) for my taste, although Lawrence did have a song that required audience members to have their mobile phones ringing...

No idea what happened for a couple of hours, but eventually Fi and I got to the masquerade. Fi, being a staff member, was entitled to sit in the central front area. Me not being a staff person, I wasn't, but Fi and M, who was on steward duty, decided that Redemption work counted, and insisted I siddown and shaddup.

The masquerade was good, with between 25 and 30 entries. Some very funny ones (Pratchett, death, the sheep, etc.) some okay ones, and some poor ones. And by poor I mean: naff, embarrassing dialogue/actions which do nothing to enhance the costume. Okay, so it's marked on the costume and not presentation, but I hate this aspect of masquerades. I'd much prefer "walk on, do a twirl, get off" if all you're showing is the costume.

I couldn't believe that the Iron Costumer thing was really supposed to run for 45 minutes, too. When it became clear that it was, I did a runner, and went to sit in one of the filk rooms.

This turned out to be a good plan: Three Weird Sisters were there, with their back-up sister Mary, who is just plain astounding. Some very cool jazz numbers on a keyboard, with proper presentation too. And TWS were great, too: guitar, bass, harp, and lovely voices/songs. There were numerous other filkers there, but they were the ones I remembered.
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