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Luc Besson! Scarlett Johansson! Morgan Freeman! Kick-butt! What's not to like?

Well, the godawful dialogue, for a start. The plot and direction aren't up to much, either.

The short version of the plot: Johansson gets forced into service as a drug mule, unintentionally gets ingests ridiculously large quantities of it, and turns into a god. Meanwhile, Morgan Freeman lectures drivel about using more cerebral capacity, and how that'll unlock magic powers. Uh, why? Johansson decides she needs more of the drug, and to see Freeman. I've no idea why. Korean gangsters want their drug back, but come a cropper when facing Neo Carrie Johansson.

(I mean, for crying out loud: if you're becoming all-powerful and gaining understanding of advanced mathematics and quantum mechanics and so on, can't you pick up just a little bit of art and lit along the way, and come out with some less-cliched dialogue? Flowers for Algernon this is not.)

The whole thing is just meh. Desperately disappointing, since Besson's been responsible for some fantastic actioners of late. I was hoping this would give us a sort-of Black Widow under the radar, while Marvel's being too mysogynistic to make one.

No. Really not.

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