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Worldcon (Sunday)

Reg desk, first thing, but steverogerson was covering it, so I wandered around the art show again. I dropped in on the "Children's Books We Miss" panel, which had Pterry on it. It was okay, but not startling. Then I went to the "Genre-Killing Ideas" panel. Charlie Stross' example: working mobile phones complete kill the slasher-in-the-woods scenario. Charlie was a good speaker, with a lovely voice that draws you in. Al Reynolds must have had a good night, because he barely said a word throughout the panel.

Then another panel in quick successio: Subverted Elves. This had been moved from its scheduled small room to the aircraft hanger that was Hall-5. Pterry and others talking a lot about where some of their weird ideas come from, but it didn't really go into detail about what happens when you don't follow fantasy cliches. Anyway, I was just waiting for someone to say, "Read Tough Guide to Fantasyland, then we could all leave and go to our net panel.

Or eat, in my case. Then I trogged over to the Armadillo to one of the small, strange rooms there, to watch Paul Cornell and a few others talking about Script Writing. Some nice points made, and I was amused to see that some people were taking very detailed notes.

Coincidentally, there was another panel that followed immediately afterwards, on pitching for TV. Naturally, it was in another room. Liz H was asking Ben where it was, so I said, "Orkney", and headed over. The "Improving Your Writing" panel that was already going on in there was running on a lot, and the room was very full (it's a very small room), but eventually it emptied out, and went in. And waited for the panel. Liz H and I nattered for a bit, before DaiseeChain sent me over to the gopher hole to find out where the panellist (singular) had got to. "Why should we know?" they said, reasonably enough, and sent me to Programme Ops. "Oh, him," P.O. said. "Didn't he cancel?" Apparently so.

So that got my exercise for the day. There were a few of us in the room at the time, so what the hell, we had a panel anyway. There was one bloke there whose approach seemed to be, "TV companies always take your ideas off you and you lose control, so I've formed my own production company." He was very proud of this, and quite clear that it was the way forward. "You could do that," he said in answer to just about everything, "But I've formed my own production company." Despite that, Liz H had lots of interesting and useful information to disseminate (thanks, Liz), and I found it an enjoyable session. Enough so that I skipped the Three Weird Sisters concert that had been moved to the 6pm slot.

When the conversation moved into Dr Who continuity, I felt that I couldn't offer any more, and headed off to find K. She'd skipped the bellydance party, and was heading over to the City Inn for dinner with watervole and alterial1. I foun d them (eventually), and we had a meal on the decking overlooking the Clyde, in the bright sun. Food was okay, if not spectacular.

The back to the fan bar, because Watervole had a panel. We ignored the Hugos, and sat in the bar, while I wibbled to alterial1 about some story plot lines for a while, then I headed off to the filk.

This didn't go so well. first of all, the person in charge of the filk instrument store was (I later found out) stuck in the restaurant, so we couldn't get instruments out. Then the filk circle was, well, not great. Lawrence was there, and Gwen from TWS, and Blind Lemming Chiffon. But by and large, most people in the room weren't particular good (and I include myself here). Gwen left after a while, the room was emptying out, and I'd done a couple of items, and was thinking, "Sigh, I'll get one more drink and see if it improves, then I'll go home." And heading to the bar, I passed the other filk room, where all the good people were, and were everyone else had go, to listen.

So, basically, they'd sneaked away from us crap plebs, and were having fun without having to listen to us. Well, I can understand it, but at that point I thought, "sod you, then," and just went back. I heard Lawrence talking to (I think) Andy GK before I collected the guitar: he also wanted to join the good room, but felt that he couldn't really walk out of the bad room. And he was nice enough to say that he liked the lyrics to "Nothing's Ever Different." So, ta. But the night still ended on a downer.

I was feeling a lot better on Monday, though. We had a quick breakfast and packed everything up, the drove over to the SECC in plenty of time. Wibbled around the desk for a bit, since I'd not noticed before that you couldn't take hot drinks into the programme rooms. Consequently, I only caught the end of the panel on Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle.
Good, though.

There was another "Subverting fantasy" panel after that, which sadly wasn't as good, then I was on the desk for a bit, before heading to the Future of Fandom panel. I made the point early on that the panel really needed to clearly distinguish between fans and conrunners - but frandowdsofa had just about gotten around to doing that just before I did, so it sorta lost impact. :-)

There were a couple of other good points made in there, but I'll come back to them in another post. Because, about halfway through, a siren went off, and about fifty kids came screaming in, armed with inflatable weapons and water pistols. Bloody marvellous. They repeated that twice, and on the third time, I thought: I get the point, and left.

Final panel was the "Fantasy and Folklore" panel which, for me, was too academic and wordy: each panellist would speak for a long time, as if reading a lecture. I don't object to what they were saying; I just felt that I'd seen other panellists over the weekend who managed to get their points across in a far more dynamic way.

I was amused, however, by someone in the audience who stood up and said - and I'm paraphrasing - "I have no evidence or experience or basis for comment, but I think you're wrong." Not the most compelling of arguments, then.

And that was it. End of Worldcon.

Well done to all who organised it. It was a bloody good con.
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