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Joss Q&A

No Serenity spoilers.

A different queue system this time: they were arranging barriers in a zig-zag approach when we arrived, and shortly afterwards they moved the queue into that. Wasn't as good, I felt: it wasn't nearly so easy to get in and out for beverages, etc. and it was much more claustrophobic. On the other hand, since no actual movie premiere was happening, there was no need to check mobiles, cameras, etc. so we got in and started pretty much on time.

Out of the ninety allocated minutes, two-thirds were allocated to an interview by festival director Shane Danielsen. Not surprisingly, it was a joy to hear Joss speak, and very interesting to hear what he had to say; what annoyed me was that Danielsen, while an amusing and entertaining MC, is not a good interviewer: if the guest is talking and saying interesting things, let him talk. Don't interrupt, particularly if you're just trying to pre-empt what he's saying.

That frustration aside, it was good. They skirted clear of any spoilers, since some of the audience won't see the film until tomorrow or even much later. There was talk of Whedon's early days, his time at film school, his trials over script doctoring, his thoughts behind Buffy, and oh, so much more.

I really, really hope it was being recorded too, so that it can end up on the DVD. But it was also being recorded by some of the audience, so it'll probably be on the Internet by now...

The last third was questions from the audience, and that prompted some of the most interesting stuff: Whedon talked about casting for a long time, and it was All Good Stuff. There wasn't any of the cringe-making, embarrassing nonsense we had last night; quite possibly, that was because we got audience members interested in the writer rather than in swooning over actors.

Taxi home, and then slobbed out in front of the telly with a takeaway. Far, far too tired to do anything else.
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