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More DS9

As k said, we're proceeding through Season three at the moment, and it's been ages since I last posted any ep reviews.

The Search, Parts I and II. I didn't really like this as a get-out clause for the end of season two: here's a Tazmanian Devil of a ship we just happen to have been developing. The better-than-life thing was obvious, and we just knew there'd be a problem with the utopian world Odo had found.

The House of Quark. Not great. Very much a filler episode. Some amusing bits, and good for Shimerman, but not convincing from a Klingon point of view.

Equilibrium. Unsatisfying. Dax just happens to have had a host that's been erased. I'd have preferred some references to the forced joining in the previous season. And I felt it was a rather plodding episode.

Second Skin. Much better. DS9 does Total Recall, which meant it was all rather familiar for a lot of the time, but I thought the twist at the end was very good. Obviously, we weren't ever convinced that Kira was a Cardassian sleeper, and I generally had the feeling throughout that trying to convince her that she was was more effort than it was worth; the twist somewhat justified it a bit more. I wonder whether anyone's going to follow up the ramifications of this: some of the Bajorans might be Cardassian. Oh yes, and for comic-book fans: this reminded me very much of The Invisibles: Counting to None.

The Abandoned. Not good. First, I don't like the whole infant-grows-to-adulthood-in-an-episode scenario - it's very tired. Secondly, it's too compressed. It worked with Seven Of Nine on Voyager because it took a long time. Thirdly, I didn't like the resolution at the end: Odo tells Kira she was right. She was, but only in fact. In principle, Odo was right. They should make that distinction.

Civil Defense. Generally, pretty good. A nice idea with a nice progression. Particularly good for the Garak/Dukat moment. But as we said earlier, I felt that Jake, at least, should be more stressed with his predicament, and (as K said) we should have returned to Ops at the end, not stayed with Sisko.

Meridian. Oh, God. We panicked when we saw the Frakes directing credit, and we were right to do so. Just utterly horrible in every way. This felt like an unmade Next Gen episode with the serial numbers filed off. The Dominion don't want anyone coming through the Wormhole, so why isn't there any kind of permanent force stationed on the other side by now? Oh look, a "perfect" planet. "No, we don't understand how or why it disappears, but don't worry, it's probably not going to vanish in the next thirty minutes." Unconvincing behaviour from Dax. Gak.

Defiant. Argh! Riker! We both screamed in horror. As it happens, it turned out to be a reasonable idea, just not handled particularly well. The rest of Riker's crew desperately needed some depth (and opinions) to make the ending bearable. And the opening was, actually, irrelevant.

Fascination. Cringe-inducing. Only good thing in it was that Terry Farrell was starting to play Dax like Lucy Lawless's Xena, which improved it no end. For the rest of it, the only good thing I can say was that we weren't shouting as loudly as we were during Meridian.

Past Tense I and II. The Curse of Braga. But actually, not too bad. At least it was a post-contemporary time, and given an interesting texture by recent events in New Orleans. Slightly annoyed by the usual idiocies of changing timelines in the "present" thread, but such is a Star Trek episode. Generally, enjoyable, and the "B.C." character really grows on you.

Life Support. Another Jake/Nog episode. Urgle. And a not-particularly enjoyable exit for Vedek Bareil - far too soon after Odo's feelings for Kira start being explicit rather than being subtext.

Heart of Stone. An okay episode, which got annoying towards the end but pulled back by the last act. Not good, just okay. And, again, too damn unsubtle to write out Bariel while ramping up Odo/Kira at the same time. And Nog. Sigh.

Destiny. Not bad. Quite an enjoyable episode, with the usual problems inherent in prophecy. I thought that the O'Brian/Lochley [sic] thread was mostly good, apart from the bizarre moment of supposed comedy.

Prophet Motive. Another filler episode. Not particularly good, not particularly bad. Too much Rom for my liking.
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