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I have visitors at the moment. Mainly in my bloodstream. Germs, to be specific. (although now I don't know whether that means viral or bacterial... heck, let's just call it "lurgy" and move on.)

So, tired, achey, with a dose of grumpiness for good measure. But I think it's already on the wane. Was still at work today, and still going along to the fencing class tonight, regardless. :-)

Not that it's an actual class, you understand. The venue is, once again, unavailable. This happened last week, when we had a new person turn up, and also last night, when he came back, and we also had a second new person too. And this second one had come from the next Big Town along (about 45mins drive), so was probably less than impressed. Alas.

Unfortunately, we'd given out fliers at a university event last week, so there may be more potentials arriving tonight. I have yet another sign to slap on the door....

Still, could do with getting past the bug.
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