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More Windows Ranting

Written at work yesterday...

Another complaint about Windows - this time Windows Explorer.

This is the most common example of one of Microsoft's big flaws, which is to assume that the world matches your local development environment. Specifically, that every machine on your network is only one high-speed hop away.

We've got a server in another country, and I'm connecting to it to download some files. I'm connecting at a time when the time-difference means all is quiet over there, and relatively quiet here. Flawed IT economies mean that the connection is still horribly slow.

This kills Explorer.

It's not just the fact that, whenever you perform an action such as clicking on a directory in the tree view, Explorer sends out loads of queries which it assumes will be answered instantaneously, as far as the user's concerned.

It's not even the fact that the "busy" cursor often isn't displayed during these times, because of the flawed assumption above, so you can't tell whether it's really waiting on responses, or whether it's given up (which it does, on occasion, unpredictably).

No, what gets me is---

I left Explorer chugging away while doing other things (reading mail, etc.) and it took twenty minutes for the window to be redrawn, never mind filled with the new contents. During this process, since I'd used other tools, Explorer was no longer the window with the focus.

---is that, when I re-select it, Explorer attempts to refresh, and kicks off the whole cycle again, clearing the window.

It's been another twenty minutes now since that re-draw happened, and Explorer hasn't responded sufficiently enough for me to kill it.
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