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Royal Mail

You might remember that a while ago I had some grief with some damaged post. I did indeed fill in a compensation form jobbie, and finally got the following:

"Thank you for your enquiry about a packet you received in a damaged condition.

"I am concerned to hear that your Delivery Officer damaged your item whilst attempting to deliver it through your letter box. I shall be contacting the manager of your local Delivery Office to ensure that this does not happen again and I would like to apologise for the obvious disappointment and inconvenience that this matter caused you."

"I must explain however that we are unable to consider claims for compensation because such claims can only be considered by the Postal Administration where the item was posted, even where the damaged[sic] occurred whilst the item was in our care. In the circumstances, I advise you to contact the sender of the item so they can contact their Postal Administration to enquire about this matter and claim for compensation."

Yeah, right. I'll contact the CD vendor in the U.S. and ask *them* to claim from the U.S. postal service for damage that Royal Mail admits was Royal Mail's fault.

Oh, and it also says:

"Enclosures: None."

If they'd like me to claim elsewhere, then I'd like my evidence back, then, please.
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