sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

A reasonably productive weekend

Yesterday, while K was doing some dance practice, I went foraging for berries in the forest. Where I discovered they had The 13th Warrior for 3.99. Never seen it, but it's got a sword on the cover, so what the heck. Watched it when I got back. Wasn't good, wasn't bad. It was okay. Passed a couple of hours without pain.

Also spent a few more hours working on some con-related background stuff, so that was good.

I was planning to do more today, but instead I spent the day doing misc. cleaning. And then blobbed out in front of Firefly, watching up as far as Shindig before K returned from rehearsal, and it was time for dinner.

During which, we watched the 4400 season two opener. It was okay, I suppose. Confusing, since we didn't know anything about it, but okay. Not actually grabbed by it, yet. Passable TV, if there's nothing else on, so far.

Recording Hex for next weekend. So far, season two's been just about watchable, but only just. Way, way too much cringe factor for my liking, and Thelma and Colin Salmon's headmaster are still the only things in it that are any good. Not sure how long I'll be able to cope.
Tags: movies, tv
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