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Just come back from an enjoyable couple of hours in the back room of the local museum, fondling a select sampling of the weaponry not on display. This included the following:

  1. A side-sword, circa 1530.
  2. Several broadswords and backswords, of varying characteristics.
  3. An Italian Schiavonna (like this, although the hilt pattern on the museum piece was, well, more organic. Looked like an Alien face-hugger, to be honest...)
  4. An Italian swept-hilt rapier and a Spanish cut-hilt rapier. The cup hilt was in the Taza pattern
  5. A French smallsword - notable for the hollow, drilled pommel.

The back- and broad-swords included:

  • A half-basket with thumb ring - unbelievably fluid.
  • A backsword with a swept-hilt rapier hilt - about twice the weight, and very heavily balanced.
  • A Pappenheimer-ish-hilted beast of a weapon, with a two-inch-wide blade and some incredible distal tapering to make it light enough. Just to clarify: that picture shows a similar hilt, but this piece was very unusual in that the hilt was on a broadsword instead of a rapier - and I mean broad: twice the width of a backsword that was also there.
  • English military-pattern mortuary hilts, and a Scottish-pattern basket hilt. One of the mortuary hilts had a really evil collection of nicks and notches in the blade, and a vicious-looking point.

I also took along my rapier, backsword and longsword replicas for comparison. The backsword turns out to be very close in weight and balance, while the rapier, despite being a cup-hilt, tends to match the swept-hilt for weight and balance, compared to the cup-hilt (which is much, much lighter, sigh).

There was a goodly selection of us, too: our instructor, three visitors from another school, three students who attend regularly, and three who attend less so.

A fun afternoon.

And now for a evening of food and Potter.
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