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We ventured out of the flat today, and into town. Some things didn't get done:

  • The post office was shut, so no bulk-buying of second-class stamps;
  • No digital camera obtained;
  • I didn't get a chance to get a frame for the fantastic picture I got for xmas from mikeymookeymoo;
  • I didn't get down to Woollies to splurg all my tokens on the Dr Who boxset.

But on the other hand, there's a new Hellblazer collection out, so I've snarfed that, we got some replacement bulbs (most of which I've probably broken, but never mind), I placed an order at Waterstones for a couple of fencing books that, unsurprisingly, didn't get brought by Santa, and we have something to watch tonight.

Oh, and I came home with a PVR, so hurrah. It's a Liteon model. Liteon, like LG, fall into that vast category called "manufacturers wot I know nothing about", so I'm hoping it's okay. Cheaper than most, and with twice the HDD capacity, so we'll see.

The complete failure to finally get a digital camera was mainly caused by all the shops putting their models on shelves behind the counter, and then only giving one statistic for each (generally, pixel count). And I really don't want to be relying on Dixons staff for advice. So, sod 'em. I'll do some more research first, and then take the plunge out of the 35mm world...
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