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And again

PVR was hung again this evening, when I got back from work. Claimed to be on Timer settings (not that I know about), and when I pressed the power button, it just sat there saying STOP at me until I pulled the plug. Naturally, the poxy manual that comes with it (full of proff-redding problems) doesn't mention this. Or what it means when, on closer examination, most of the recordings that have completed so should have been deleted are saying "Error: Timer expired".

I had a look at the website for firmware, as uts666 suggested (and that'll be here, as you'd expect, and probably not here, as you might hope).

It doesn't appear to mention the LVW-5045. Doesn't show up on the search engine. It's not listed under any of the download options. Existing products don't appear to include such things at all, although the new products page mentions some different models. So, what a crap website. At least Google found it.

I'll have a fiddle with that one tomorrow, when I'm at a machine which has a combination of net connection and working (USB or CD writer).

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