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Spooks I & II

Finally finished trawling through the first two seasons of Spooks, borrowed from a friend. Pretty damn good, although I was kind of freaked out by not recognising that many faces from the series recently aired.

Absolutely gutted by the end of the second season, since I was convinced/hoping that Tom and Harry were setting up Christine, and that Zoe and Danny were out of the loop to be more convincing. Nope.

I thought the VX episode was good, but mistaken, since obviously it's a drill, because there's still another three episodes to go. Consequently, much of the British population are unlikely to be outside, lying dead in the streets. As a season closer, it would have had much more impact.

Alexander Siddig's episode was fantastic, as was he, but I was disappointed that Hugh Laurie didn't reprise his role as Jules; I guess House had kicked off by then.

Now, just got Season 1 of Futurama to watch and return...
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