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More Spooks

Just finished watching season three of Spooks. More good stuff.

I was pleased when Adam turned up in the first ep. Hurrah, thought I, a character I actually recognise from season four. I thought the change-overs were good, although I knew Tom would be gone because I didn't recognise him at all, and I knew Danny was gone because I remember the flashbacks from the start of Four. Zoe, I honestly couldn't remember about; for all I knew, she might have left early in Four before she'd made an impression. Good to see Zaf turning up right at the end

The Riff/Bea story was a great ep. Slam Posh'n'Becks and the Osbournes together, then drop Spooks in. "Not the Police! I want hard bastards!" Marvellous. And Andy Serkis! Bloody hell! Tim McInnerny as Mace was good, too.

But Adam. Ah, I love Adam. Much prefer him to Tom, despite poor Rupert having such an unfortunate name. I mean - Penry-Jones? There's someone who had to get beaten up a lot at school.

Great stuff.
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