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katlinel's off dancing today, so I nipped down to Blockbuster to
catch up on some rubbish movie-watching.[1] While scanning the titles looking
for what I was after, I spotted something labelled "My Name Is Modesty".
Instant cold shiver, and general anxiety. Closer examination confirmed my

Another Modesty Blaise movie.

I don't care if it says, "Quentin Tarantino presents" on the front. In fact,
yes I do - if it needs that, it's even more likely to be crap.

Not that I'm prejudging it, or anything.

Still, I shall watch it, and report back. Watch this space.

[1] What did I want? Kingdom of Heaven, Kung-Fu
, or Stealth, since I haven't seen any of 'em yet, and
Underworld 2
has passed out of convenient-viewing slots at the cinemas
already. I ended up with KoH and KFH.
Tags: books, modesty blaise, movies
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