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Fun and games with the mad neighbour

She turned up at the door again last night, with a printed sheet of A4 in hand. Seems she wants to put yet more notices up, but can't work a computer properly ("this took me an hour and a half to do!"), and other neighbours don't want any more hand-written notices (she claims). Therefore, as we're "computer people," it would only take us five minutes, so why don't we do it?

So now we're her secretaries? Her publicity staff? We should drop everything and type notices for her?

Numerous arguments were given:

  1. She should learn how to do it herself.
  2. There's nothing wrong with pen and paper.
  3. If other neighbours don't like it, they can typeset it.
  4. I'm a programmer, not a DTP person.
  5. And we don't have a colour printer.

Gimme strength...
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