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Mutter, grumble

You know it's going to be one of those days when you go out for a day's pleasant shopping, and discover that the car has gathered two parking tickets.

Yes, it was on double-yellows, and has been since I parked it there on Tuesday night. At the time, I couldn't really see them, since there was heavy rain and the gutters were overflowed. I was sure I was probably on them a bit, so meant to move the car the next morning. And then forgot. But I didn't think I was entirely on them. So, all my fault. Still.

Collected a parcel from the Post Office. Fencing t-shirts, with modified designs. Been waiting nearly a month for CafePress to get them to me, and I'm less-than-impressed with their on-black printing. It looks very smudged and unprofessional. Bugger.

In the meantime, Stuff Was Got. But heavy stuff, and it was suddenly unexpectedly warm. Knew I should have switched to a summer coat.

And in other news, no-one else in the tenament has a clue about who shopped us on the ogee rhones, or which bits actually need the work...
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