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BSG finale (redux)

I managed to get the last ten minutes with sound, last night So now I've seen the ending.

It leaves me cold, really. Okay, so there are a lot of contracts up for re-negotiation, evidently, but not much in the way of story advancement. Despite that twelve-month leap. I'd expected a "who is a cylon?" moment.

I'm not sure what we're supposed to infer, from the three cylons we see at the end (6, Sharon, and bloke-from-pilot). With no sound, I was expecting this to be the Caprica 6 and original Galactica Sharon, but supposedly not. But then, there's that quirk from 6's lips as the reason for their discovery is revealed. Is she guessing? Because she can't know, since Pegasus's 6's entire motivation was oblivion - hence the destruction of the Resurrection Ship.

So, I dunno. It felt, to me, like it's a good story, but we're missing the rest. That wasn't, to my mind, a good place to end a season.

Oh well.

Might bother with the next one, but I'm not convinced. This season's been a struggle.
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