sugoll (sugoll) wrote,

Love and Monsters

Hmm. Last ep we saw was Girl in the Fireplace, and this really doesn't compete. Yes, there were good bits - some very good dialogue from our protagonist - but my principle problem is that the Doctor and Rose were barely in it, so we're left with almost a Deus Ex Machina at the end from the Doctor. Who is using the TARDIS to chase someone across town, apparently.

The characters were all good, and the story was entertaining, and overall, I think it reminds me of Gaiman's Sandman, in that the eponymous character is only there to allow other stories to be told, and therefore need only briefly appear, if at all. But that's not how this Who's been presented, so doing it here feels like fanfic.

So, entertaining and well-written, and I'll probably love it in hindsight, but on first viewing, it's a disappointment.
Tags: tv
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