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Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest

There were plans to see this with katlinel, iainjcoleman and i_smell_shite, but since other things intervened, that'll have to come later. So I've been to see it with siggav.

The short version: it's good, but over-long.

The first half-hour, as siggav pointed out, could be an entirely separate film; the story doesn't start until that whole sequence is out of the way. It only serves to bring Wil and Sparrow back together. There's also a long sequence on Davey Jones' ship were not much dramatic happens for quite a while - to the extent that I was thinking, hmm, not been any action for ages.

On the other hand, the mill-wheel sequence is breathlessly superb, intercut with other goodness.

The story rumbles along quite happily, and it all looks good. I'm not so keen on the acting, though. Depp is a joy, as ever, while Bloom just looks earnest and Knightley looks arch. Heck, I found Bloom more convincing than Knightley, apart from right at the end. Nighey was slightly disappointing, too, in that he over-egged his facial expressions. Probably for fear that they wouldn't show up under the CGI, but having seen the subtleness that Katsulas used in his portrayal of G'Kar, I wanted more.

Having said that, Davey Jones is a good character, and I have thoughts about where he's going to go in the third of the trilogy. But the revelation was Davenport as Norrington - a far more interesting character, and beautifully done. Nicely transformed from the previous film.

Good stuff. Want to see it again, to re-consider everything. Luckily, I plan to do just that. :-)
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