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District 13

District 13 had a pretty clear genesis: someone saw David Belle in some programme about Free Running, and thought, "Damn, we gotta make a movie about this!"

The plot's pretty simple, and surprisingly effective for all that. A mere four years into the future, a ghetto in Paris is walled off, with all the unpleasantness locked inside. Within its walls, Belle is fighting against drug baron Bibi Naceri, who has obtained a rather scary bomb, and cop Cyril Raffaelli is sent in with Belle in an attempt to disable it before it goes off. It's a buddy movie with lots of impressive action sequences, and if that's all you're after, you won't be disappointed.

Damn, but it's got some good sequences in it. The two at the start, introducing Belle's and Raffaelli's respective characters, are the most jaw-dropping, I think, but there's still plenty to look at later on. And Belle makes a surprisingly good lead, being easy on the eye and not looking all that much out of place - not bad, for a non-actor.

It's a French-language film with English subtitles, which probably explains why it's practically vanished from cinema listings within the space of a week - a great shame, since it deserves better. It's not going to change anyone's life, but it's highly entertaining, and I'll be buying it as soon as it hits the shelves in HMV.
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