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Unusual sighting

I was in a pub, 'tother week, and happened to visit the gents. Where, unsurprisingly, there was a vending machine. I'm assuming the contents were contraceptives, but honestly, I didn't really notice. Because plastered over the front of it - as part of the machine's own branding - was the BSD daemon.

Oh, it was grey, and didn't have baseball boots on, but I wasn't fooled. Same stance. Same pitchfork. Same gormless expression. Someone had obviously nicked the logo, fiddled very slightly with it, and whopped it onto a johnny machine. Three feet high.

(Come to think of it, that's possibly "actual size".)

There are other alternatives. Maybe the machine runs BSD. Or even sells it. ("I'm just nipping off to the khazi for an download.")

Of course, now I have to know whether there's a machine in the ladies with a vast Tux on it...
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