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So, an idealistic, good-looking but naive rural labourer, who happens to be fundamentally dull, is thrown into adventures with a rakish, piratical, self-interested captain while trying to save a feisty, upper-class young woman who has fallen into the clutches of the evil organisation. During their trials, the young man discovers that his father isn't, in fact, dead, but instead is in the service of a dark master.

The young man encounters his father, and decides that he can still be redeemed. The young man is helped in his trials by a cutting weapon that used to belong to his father.

Meanwhile, the rakish captain's first mate is a large, hairy male, and there are two lowly types wandering around, a mismatched couple, who maintain a continuous, complaining stream of banter between them - not that anyone else pays them any attention.

There is even an encounter with a tribe of creatures who capture the young man, truss him up, and carry him off on a pole in order to cook and eat him. Luckily for the young man, the tribe has already encountered one of his companions, and decided this companion is a god.

(with assistance from siggav.)
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