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A katlinel mentioned, I've been painting windows. It was time, since much of the existing paint had decided that it just couldn't take the monotony any more, and wandered off to pastures green. So there has been painting at Meadow Mountain.

Ideally, this would have involved: scraping off loose paint; touching up with primer as required; slapping on new gloss. Ha. In several cases, quite a lot of wood came with the paint during the scraping phase. I'm pretty sure that it's a bad sign if you can push your finger through the frame right to the stonework.

Replacing parts of the frame is beyond my negligible DIY skills, so I've been filling gaps instead, and hoping I can produce something vaguely stop-gappy (literally) until we can summon someone at least halfway-competent. So during this weekend, in addition to scraping and slapping, I have also been applying putty (a first for me) and masonary filler (ditto), and playing with expanding foam.

Dear God, but that stuff is weird.

Some's been done. Much remains. But at least it hasn't heavily chucked it down yet... I just hope the windows aren't stuck shut when tomorrow comes along.
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